Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Rollator

s-l1000If you’re in the market for an elderly or disabled person then you’re making a wise choice. They’re very helpful for providing more stability when it’s tough to walk due to factors such as old age or bodily injuries. However, when choosing a particular unit it’s important to avoid common mistakes in order to make sure that you’re making the right choice. There’s a ton of units to choose from, such as at RollatorPapst. Here are some of the main issues to try and avoid when selecting a rollator:


  1. Buying the wrong height/width

These are two of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a rollator at RollatorPapst. Both factors are important to make sure that the unit will be practical in terms of its operation indoors or outdoors.

You can choose a walker with wheels that has the right height by testing it out before you purchase it. Another effectively way to avoid the problem is by purchasing a walker that has an adjustable height. This will allow you to make changes when necessary. On the other hand, if you purchase a rollator online you might get the right height based on wrong estimations, so it might be better to choose a unit with a height that can be adjusted. This can also be useful if multiple people are using the same walker as it could be tweaked for the person’s height.

In terms of the width of the walker, it’s another important issue to get right. In particular, the width of the walker should be wide enough to provide enough stability for your walking. This is important to make sure that you wouldn’t have any problems staying upright and balanced when using the device.

Another important issue is making sure that the rollator is the right size in terms of the walkways, sidewalks, doorways, etc. you need to walk through. If the walker is too wide in particular then you’ll have some problems maneuvering the walker in certain situations. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid as it will make using the walker very difficult. You might even want to take some measurements before you buy a walker so you can be 100% certain that you won’t have any problems getting through spaces.


  1. Choose a unit based on bells and whistles

This is another common mistake that people make when they shop for a walker for elderly and disabled people. As with other medical devices you can find a wide range of units to choose from. However, this isn’t to say that you should necessarily choose the rollator with the most features, just for the sake of doing that.

Instead, you should consider the needs of the person using the unit. This will help you to choose a unit that matches the person’s needs to a tee. How tall or heavy is the user? Do they require a storage compartment? Do they need hand brakes? These are all important issues to consider when choosing a walker with wheels.


  1. Buying a cheap unit without considering quality

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t set a budget or look for a good price for rollators at sources such as RollatorPapst. However, there’s more to consider than just the price. For example, if you buy a cheap walker that also has low quality, you could run into problems. That’s definitely a case you’ll want to avoid.

It can be tough to choose a walker online since you won’t be able to test the unit. However, the process has become easier because the Internet can provide a lot of details about a unit. Not only that, but there are other tools that allow you to view different angles of the unit, which is another helpful tool when choosing a particular walker.

The price is definitely important when you consider walkers for elderly and disabled people. However, you should also consider the quality of the unit you’re getting. The price won’t be worthwhile if you need to replace the unit sooner rather than later. It will increase the overall investment you make in the walker.

When shopping for a rollator such as at RollatorPapst it’s important to not only know what to do, but what not to do.